National Geographic Okavango Science Symposium January 2018.

Below is a selection of videos of the National Geographic Okavango Science Symposium  held in January 2018. You can click on the play buttons on the videos underneath or view them on our YouTube playlist here.

Session 1:
National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project Science Overview
by Paul Skelton

Session 2:
Threads Of Live – Exploratory studies of Angolan macro-fungi
by Jolanda Roux

Session 2:
Botanical inventories and conservation planning in Angola: plants of Angola – an overview, with a particular focus on the highly leached Kalahari sands of the upper Cuito system.
by David Goyder

Session 2:
Freshwater invertebrate fauna of south-eastern Angolan source-lakes and upland rivers, with mayflies, caddisflies and blackflies as the focus.
by Ina Ferreira

Session 2:
The fishes of the core study area in Angola.
by Paul Skelton

Session 2:
A look into the past: A Holocene palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Okavango source wetlands in Angola.
by Meriska Singh

Session 3:
Across river basins: exploring the unknown south eastern Angola (Herpetology).
by Werner Conradie

Session 3:
Bird records.
by Steve Boyes

Session 3:
A preliminary checklist of the medium and large mammals of the south eastern Angolan Highlands.
by Dan Parker

Session 3:
The Okavango source lakes region of Angola as a diversity hotspot for small mammals.
by Peter Taylor

Session 4:
Insights into gathering data in the remote central highlands of Angola.
by Götz Neef

Session 5:
Perspectives on the Okavango Basin: past, present and future.
by John Mendelsohn

Session 6:
Planned RAMSAR sites and management plans for the water tower.
by Adjany Costa