The Wild Bird Revolution

Hatched from the Wild Bird Trust, the Wild Bird Revolution is a bold and ambitious flight to build a global community of conservationists and ambassadors that celebrate the beauty of birds in the wild. This exciting new platform will enable our followers to showcase their beautiful photographs of magnificent bird species from all around the world, enter awards, view live sightings and discover other birding enthusiasts! By contributing, they will be sharing their incredible experiences and sightings with other fellow birders while creating awareness about the variety and splendour of these birds in our environment. Join the revolution with us today!

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The Wild Bird Revolution began with the celebration of beautiful wild bird images submitted from people in every country across the world, which we shared to a global audience of over a million people. View our ‘Top 25 Birds of the Week’ archives here.

We would now like to introduce the ‘Top 10 Wild Birds of the Week’ which will be published in our new Wild Bird Revolution platform. Sign up here to view and submit your images.

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