Wild Bird Trust are explorers, monitors, awareness raisers and citizen engagers for the conservation of wild birds and their natural habitats. We are small, but our advantage comes from our dedicated partners who share our values, culture, and unwavering commitment to make our planet a better place for all of its inhabitants. We remain deeply aware that our experiences and journeys are part of a greater story - the education, preservation and discovery of wild places by using wild birds as indicators for change and health of the wildernesses they live in. The wilderness is our natural habitat and we stand tall among the tree tops and the rivers edges giving hope, not only to our current generation, but to many generations to come.


In December 2018, the National Geographic Society signed an historic Protocol of Cooperation with the Angolan government, mandating the Wild Bird Trust, as the implementing partner, to advance the effective management of natural resources, capacity building, sustainable development and tourism in the Okavango-Zambezi Water Tower Project Area.

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Namibia is the most arid country in Southern Africa. Water is a key resource especially for agriculture but perennial rivers are few and are shared with its neighbours. The Okavango, Zambezi and Chobe all have their sources in the Angolan highlands so Namibia is an essential link in the work of the NGOWP.

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South Africa

The Wild Bird Trust is on a mission to conserve wild birds and their habitat through exploration, research and monitoring, conservation action, partnerships, awareness-raising and support for local and citizen-led organisations.

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In 2014 the Okavango Delta became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Part of the reason for this is because the Delta supports the lives of thousands of people by providing freshwater, food, building materials, medicinal plants and employment through the tourism industry. The NGOWP now plays its part in protecting this unique and vital place.

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The Cape Parrot is The Bird of the Year for 2023

The Cape Parrot is South Africa’s only endemic parrot. The species is endangered due to destruction and degradation of their forest habitat.

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Walk with us on our journey as we explore the Okavango Delta in all its beauty, save the Cape Parrot from near extinction and monitor the water and ecology in Africa’s wetlands.

National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project

The four most important conservation priorities on the African continent today: water security, carbon storage, wildlife corridors and biodiversity conservation


Nkashi is a culture and a movement that honours the contribution of traditional and local knowledge to science, conservation and alternative enterprise opportunities.

Cape Parrot Project

Saving the Cape parrot and the forests they depend upon is going to be a multi-generational effort over the next 100 years that will need true “forest custodians”.

Wild Bird Revolution

Building a global community of conservationists and ambassadors that celebrate the beauty of birds in the wild, while creating awareness about the variety and splendour of these birds in our environment.

Educator Expeditions

The Educator Expeditions, are an educational and developmental exploration-focused project, aimed at supporting primary school teachers with the resources to...

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