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Water is one of Africa’s greatest natural resources, but it is finite. If measures aren’t taken to protect key freshwater systems at their source, the water security of millions of people, as well as the incredible diversity of plant and animal species that define Africa, will be at risk.

Underlying all our work to protect wild birds and their habitats, to empower the communities living along our river systems, to reconnect essential forest corridors, to study and monitor essential waterways, is the essential knowledge that we are all dependent on this vital resource. Our rivers connect us as communities and connect us to our ecosystems.

The Wild Bird Trust South Africa, Botswana Wild Bird Trust, and the Wild Bird Foundation of America are registered non-profit public benefit organisations founded in each of their respective countries. The Wild Bird Trust Family is headquartered in South Africa, from where it administers and oversees all ongoing projects and initiatives.

our work

Walk with us on our journey as we explore the Amathole Mountains in all its beauty, save the Cape Parrot from near extinction and monitor the water and ecology in Africa’s wetlands.

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