2022 Event
The Nkashi Classic was launched as a celebration of the mokoro and the nkashi which is used to propel it. Together with The Botswana Wild Bird Trust, in partnership with Botswana Tourism Organisation we created this annual event as a celebration of traditional Botswana customs. The Nkashi Classic is a mekoro race to crown the fastest poler in the Delta. The first event took place in Maun in 2018, with a second event in 2019. Due to low water levels and Covid19, we have not been able to hold the event since then. The event will grow the awareness of tourism, conservation, and communities that all rely on the Okavango Delta. This will not only highlight this region of Ngamiland, but also allow community members from this region to partake in the event.

The Nkashi Classic Game

The Nkashi Classic Game is a simple race along the Okavango river in Botswana, avoiding obstacles like hippos, crocodiles and reeds navigating through various blocked channels and finishing in the fastest time possible. On the way you will have to collect water lilies and the word Nkashi for extra points.

Nkashi Classic - 28 May 2022

We are now excited to confirm that the Botswana Wild Bird Trust (BWBT), in collaboration with Botswana Tourism Organisation, will host the Nkashi Classic race this year on Saturday 28 May 2022. Due to concerns over dropping water levels in the Thamalakane River in Maun, we have decided to hold the event in the north of Ngamiland in Seronga. The 2022 race, contestants will compete in three categories: Male, female and veteran. The winners of each will receive a cash prize and there are other prizes available for contestants and spot prizes on the day. Polers from the 2021 Ngamiland roadtrip will compete in this years events and there will be options for wild card entries - details to follow. Our host village, Seronga, is gearing up to host this fantastic event and we look forward to celebrating with Ngamiland. Regulations and protocols around Covid19 will still be in place. Further details on the event will be forthcoming so be sure to keep an eye on the website or our other social media channels like the Botswana Wild Bird Trust facebook page.
Mbiroba camp ground, Seronga, Ngamiland 10am to 4pm Free Entry Bring the family and friends for a fun day out as we crown the fastest poler in the Delta. Bring your picnics, chair, or picnic blanket, hats and cash as there will craft and food for sale. Live entertainment while you watch the polers compete in a time trial race in the iconic Okavango Delta. Great prizes for the polers and giveaways on the day for the crowd. Pre-registered polers will compete with a limited number of 'wild card' entries on the day - polers who wish to participate as Wild Cards to arrive at 09:30 for registration. For more information visit www.nkashi.co.bw


We are confident that the Nkashi Classic will continue to be a day enjoyed by all and a showcase for local poling talent. It is a wonderful family day, with entertainment for all and a chance to celebrate this age-old tradition in a fun and positive way. A truly unique opportunity to sponsor a proudly Botswana event. If you would like to be part of this event, please contact us via email info@nkashi.co.bw or call us directly at 72 396 507.



The Nkashi Classic 2022 event returned with a bang this past Saturday, May 28, 2022 at Mbiroba Camp in Seronga village in the heart of the Okavango Delta. The race took the form of an individual time trial where each poler raced along a set course competing in male (57 polers), female (24) and veteran categories (7). The Delta’s fastest mokoro polers were crowned in a race which is organised by the Botswana Wild Bird Trust (BWBT) in collaboration with the Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO), and seeks to search the fastest mokoro (dug out canoe) poler of the delta as men from different villages along the delta compete for the ultimate crown. The race also aims to create awareness of the importance of the Okavango Delta River System, the community it supports and its power to effect positive change for future generations.


Main office: Plot #5639 Matlapana PO Box 350141
Email: info@nkashi.co.bw Mobile: 72 396 507

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