Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Keeping birds safe in the wild by securing critical habitat for the benefit of ecosystems, wildlife and people in perpetuity.

Our Mission

To conserve wild birds and their habitat through exploration, research and monitoring, conservation action, partnerships, awareness-raising and support for local and citizen-led organisations.

Organisational Values

  • We strive to make our planet a better place for people and wildlife.
  • We value teamwork, internal unity and close working relations.
  • We respect all people, cultures and traditions.
  • We recognise and value diversity – of people, thoughts and opinions.
  • We are accountable – for our work, to ourselves, to our team, and to our partners and stakeholders.
  • We lead by example, take the initiative and encourage others to do so.
  • We innovate, learn from failures and share what works.
  • We collaborate and partner, to share our ideas and information.
  • We support and encourage continual personal development.
  • We share our knowledge, raise awareness and educate.
  • We grow by listening to and learning from others.
  • We engage the world to share and communicate our experiences and journeys.
  • We aim for a healthy balance – “work hard, play hard”.

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