About the The Wild Bird Trust

Wild Bird Trust was founded in South Africa in August 2009 by Dr Rutledge “Steve” Boyes with the primary objective of keeping birds safe in the wild. The Trust aims to encourage the use of flagship endangered bird species as “ecosystem ambassadors” in their indigenous habitat. The beauty and freedom of wild birds is an example to us all. The main objective is to advance the research in, education about and conservation of all birds in the wild as well as the related habitat. Focus will be placed primarily on African species that act as ecosystem and biodiversity indicators although other species and geographical areas will be considered as well. The Trust will work with all interested and involved parties including government, private sector, NGOs, education and research institutions, aviculture and bird-watching sectors without losing objectivity and independence.

The Trust has administered grants from the National Geographic Society, Conservation International, Prins Bernhard Natuurfonds, and Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust, and is registered in Cape Town (South Africa): IT 637/2010 and is a Public Benefit Organisation that can accept charitable donations, which are tax deductible in South Africa: PBO No.: 930 033 261.


Public Benefit Organisation #930 033 261

Trust No. IT637/2010

Board of Trustees

Dr. R Steve Boyes
Scientific Director, Founder & Project leader of the  National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project and Cape Parrot Project.
Research Associate – Percy Fitzpatrick Institute, University of Cape Town

Email: Steve@wildbirdtrust.com

John Hilton
Commercial Director and Project Director of the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project

Email: John@wildbirdtrust.com

Dr. Kirsten Wimberger
Project Director of the  Cape Parrot Project

Email: Kirsten@wildbirdtrust.com

Dr. Rob Little
Manager: DST/NRF Centre of Excellence – Independent Trustee

Frank Muggleston
CA Friedlander Attorneys, Cape Town – Independent Trustee